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3 Trends That Keep Progressive Rock Progressive

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Progressive rock is a genre of rock music that is always pushing what's popular and comfortable. It's a genre that does not completely stand out from the crowd, but not one that seeks to blend in, either. Think of progressive rock as pushing the edge, rather than jumping out of the ship. So what recent trends are progressive rock using to push the edge of rock music and keep moving forward? Take a look.

Better Instrumentals

Over the years, many rock musicians have famously (perhaps infamously) been less musically inclined than you would think a professional musician should be. Michael Jackson, for example, could not even read music! Progressive rock is taking this standard and bucking it. Many progressive rock musicians can not only read music but are outright experts in the instruments they play. They could be doing something other than playing in a rock band — playing in an orchestra, perhaps — but they are in the rock genre because they love it. This talent makes for more complex instrumentals in the songs, along with multiple solos.

Lack of a Repetitive Chorus

The standard song has a chorus that is repeated again and again, with verses thrown in between. This format has been followed by almost everyone in every genre, from country to pop-rock, for decades. One way progressive rock is turning music on its head is by eliminating this structure. Some songs are just long, continuous blends of harmonies. Others are a few different sections knit together, but without that repetitive chorus in between. Saying goodbye to the chorus-verse format has allowed progressive rock bands to write more songs that tell an in-depth story in more detail.

Different Themes

Love — that's what most rock songs are ultimately about, right? Well, progressive rock would beg to differ. You will find songs about literature, fantasy characters, everyday events, spirituality, work, and just about any other aspect of life. While progressive musicians certainly write songs about love and romance, they do not make this the central theme to absolutely everything they do. Rather, they aim to capture the breadth of the human experience and reflect it in their lyrics and music.

Progressive rock is a very interesting genre that, by its very intention, is always changing. Music cannot stay the same forever, and these musicians understand that. They are continually making changes to better rock and music as a whole. To learn more about progressive rock, go to a company like Tobin Mueller.