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Trying To Expand Your Regional Music Success? Get Onto Music Streaming Services

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In today's modern digital world, making it as a musician past the regional level can be very hard. This is particularly true if you don't take the time to take advantage of various digital distribution methods. These concepts can help you overcome your limitations and potentially reach a much larger audience outside of your region.

Making It As a Band is Very Hard

Your regional success has been confined to a few cities in your state but has been big enough for you to focus totally on your music career. Sure, you have to hustle, but you can survive. However, taking this process to the next level is one of the toughest things that you'll ever do as a professional.

For example, your big name in your home state is essentially nothing unless people know you in other areas. While you can try to cold book and call people to get on bills, you're likely to run into issues because so many bands are available. Many venues are likely to just book who they know already.

Also, focusing too much on touring without raising your online profile could be a serious mistake. Posting about your band and sharing videos, songs, and more on social media helps raise your profile but is meaningless if you don't get your music out there on music streaming services platforms.

How Streaming Can Help

While some musicians hate streaming services, some professionals believe that streaming actually saved the music industry. Though record sales are down, the focus on music streaming is something that you can take advantage of to market your band and spread beyond your regional interest.

Music streaming is unique because you don't have to pay to get your music on these platforms, which is basically free promotion. And you will often get paid a small amount when somebody plays your songs. While not massive, every little bit helps you focus on your career full-time.

Just as importantly, music streaming services can help spread your name in a way that you can't in any other way. While burning CDs and giving away or selling them at shows can help in a regional way, streaming can reach a national and even international audience that you can't get to in other ways.

If you have regional success and you want to turn to a wider audience, make sure that you embrace music streaming services. While you won't be able to retire based on the money it makes you, there's a good chance that you can reach more people who want you to tour their area.

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