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3 Ways To Protect Your Vintage Guitar Collection

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If you are the proud owner of an impressive vintage guitar collection, this collection is no doubt really important to you. Some musicians spend decades amassing their collection. Not to mention, these instruments can grow in value over time and deserve to be rightfully protected. If you have managed to accumulate quite the collection of vintage pieces, it is best to do a few things to protect these instruments you are so proud to call your own. Here are a few ideas to help you protect your guitars. 

Display your guitar collection in a framed glass case. 

One of the best things you can ever do to protect the life of your vintage guitar collection is to invest in a case for the pieces. You can have a contractor build a custom case with glass cabinetry so the guitars are visible and can be appreciated. The glass case will protect the guitar from coming in contact with dust and general indoor contaminants all on their own, but some collection owners go as far as to have a special humidity-control unit installed inside of the case to keep the instruments held in the most ideal environment to protect them. 

Clean your vintage guitars regularly. 

Keeping your vintage guitars clean is really important to maintaining them throughout the years. If you take out one of them and spend some time strumming and keying notes, go ahead and wipe down the areas where you touched the guitar with a dry cloth to remove any oils or residue that could be left behind. Occasionally, take each guitar out of its place in the display case and give it a good cleaning with gentle cleansing soap and water. Just make sure you use a dry terry cloth to completely erase any traces of moisture before placing the instruments back on display. 

Make sure your guitars are displayed out of direct sunlight. 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to display your vintage guitars in direct sunlight. You will have to be careful with any windows you have in the room where the collection is out for display. Make sure they have window coverings that filter out the direct sunlight or make sure the guitars are in a case with UV-protectant glass. If the guitars are exposed to sunlight, it can warp the wood, fade the finish, and make the instrument more brittle over time.