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Is Your Daughter Wanting To Play The Piano?

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Is your daughter a music lover? if so, she probably truly enjoyed the movie La La Land featuring Ryan gosling and Emma Stone. Perhaps she was excited when The Green Book was awarded the Oscar at this year's Academy Awards. If you have seen those movies yourself, you were probably captivated by the piano playing, just as your daughter was. Maybe your daughter has been asking for piano lessons herself and you have finally decided to let her proceed with her dream.

No matter the reason that your daughter wants to play the piano, from arranging for music lessons to facilitating practice at home, here are some ideas that might help you. 

Piano Lessons - One of the first things you'll want to do is to find a piano teacher who relates well to young students. If you know of a piano teacher already, you are a step ahead of the game. If you have no clue as to how to find a good piano teacher, consider asking the music teacher at your child's school if he or she can recommend somebody. Even the pianist at your church might teach piano lessons, or at least be able to give you names of instructors he or she can recommend. 

Another idea is to enroll your child in a music school that teaches everything from drums to piano lessons. Your child might even have group classes with other students her age. She will be placed with students who will be at about her same level of piano playing. In addition, her instructor will probably give demonstrations of his or her own skills, thus inspiring the students in the class to take their piano playing seriously.

Piano Practice - If your daughter is passionate about playing the piano, you may not even have to remind her to practice. Instead, you might have to ask her to stop playing the piano so that she can do her homework and help with household chores. What a blessing! To have a daughter who loves her skill enough to devote time to it without being asked. In fact, you might have to facilitate her practicing by encouraging the other kids in your family to work on their own interests so that your daughter can have the alone time she needs.

On the other hand, your piano loving daughter might still need encouragement and reminding to practice. Even though she might want to play beautifully, practice might be boring when her teacher wants her to learn things like scales before she can play her favorite music well. Incentives like, You must practice for thirty minutes each day before you can go out with your friends this weekend might not be very effective. On the other hand, asking your daughter to learn by heart a section of a piece she has been given as homework might work better.