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Reasons Your Piano Needs To Be Repaired

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There are many ways you take care of your piano so you can keep the expensive and fragile instrument in great condition. You dust your piano regularly to keep the keys sharp and you keep the piano cover over the keys when the instrument is not being used. You also make sure to monitor kids and inexperienced players when they use your piano so you can intervene in the event the piano is getting pounded too hard or being played with.

Sometimes your piano needs to be repaired no matter how well you take care of it. Since a piano is still a fragile and tender instrument despite its large size and heft, you will have to have the unit professionally attended to periodically. Here are reasons your piano needs to be repaired.

You put your piano in storage

If your piano has been stored due to a recent move or you just had to put the piano in storage for a while while you did home renovations, the instrument has been exposed to temperature variances. When your piano is exposed to extreme heat or cold, the strings get out of tune. Your piano will need to be repaired if the strings are too loose or have become too taut due to temperature changes, often related to your piano being placed in storage.

You moved your piano without professional assistance

Your piano is very heavy so even moving the unit from one room to another should be done by a professional. You risk breaking the piano stool, foot pedals, and strings when you move your piano on your own. You should hire a piano repair service to inspect your instrument after you move it so small repairs can be made before they become extensive. Better yet, if your piano needs to be moved more than a few feet or needs to go up or down stairs, call for piano repair professionals to make the move for you.

Your piano sounds out of tune

You're not hearing things if your piano sounds like it's not playing as well as it normally does. Strings on a piano come out of tune on their own periodically, just like the strings of a guitar or violin do. Having your piano tuned is something you'll need to do on occasion to keep your instrument sounding amazing. Your piano will last for many years if you have repairs made professionally as soon as you notice a problem.

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