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How To Get More Out Of Your Guitar Lessons

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Playing the guitar allows you to express your emotions and engage with others in a whole new way. But before you become an excellent guitar player, you must first take lessons. You'll learn faster than you assume -- especially if you follow these tips to get more out of your guitar lessons.

1. Choose a teacher who you connect with.

There are many great guitar teachers out there, but they are all human, and as such, they all have different personalities. When you first start your journey to learn to play the guitar, take lessons with a few different teachers, and see who you find the easiest to learn from and interact with. You will get more from your lessons if you enjoy the person who is teaching them -- and if that person's communication style works well for you.

2. Practice, practice, practice.

Most teachers will give you homework to practice between lessons. They may even recommend that you practice at least a half hour a day. Remember that this is just a base-level guideline. You can definitely practice more than this, and you should if you want to get as much as you can out of your guitar lessons. Feel free to look ahead in the book and try out some things for the next lesson. You'll absorb more from the lessons when you've already looked over the material.

3. Play music selections you love.

Talk to your teacher about the kind of music you like the most. Maybe you're a rock lover, or perhaps you enjoy country. If your teacher knows your preferences, he or she can help you learn to play songs in that genre. You'll enjoy yourself more when learning to play music you love, and when you're having fun, you learn a lot faster.

4. Go to other sessions and seminars.

Try to broaden your knowledge outside of lessons, too! If you see a seminar or such related to the guitar, make a point of attending. You can then ask your guitar teacher to explain anything you did not understand during your lessons. This may open up a new topic that allows you to learn even more.

With the tips above, you can learn to play the guitar more effectively and efficiently. Take lessons once or twice a week, and you'll soon be an expert. Don't forget to share everything you learned by serenading your friends. 

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