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Creating A Marching Band For Underprivileged Kids

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Did you acquire professional skills with playing various instruments throughout the years? Do you want to use your musical skills in a positive way that is able to help underprivileged kids? Depending on the types of instruments that you are able to play, consider starting a marching band for the kids that will allow you to teach them your skills. You might also be able to obtain funding for such a positive cause, such as by hosting fundraisers so people can donate or purchase products. Take a look at the content below to learn a few pointers on how to get a marching band started for underprivileged kids.

Find a Location for Teaching the Kids

You will need a building that is of a sufficient enough size for teaching the number of children that you want to place in the marching band. The building must also be able to accommodate all of the instruments, if you intend on leaving them there after practice each day.

Stock Up on Various Instruments

Being that you will be working with underprivileged kids, it is possible that many of them might not be able to obtain their own instruments. Plan to stock up on various instruments that the kids can use after joining your class. It will be great if you can get people to donate some of the instruments, even if they are in a used condition.

Enroll in a Competition for Marching Bands

There might be competitions that you can enroll your students in, which can encourage them to work hard on learning the needed skills. Opt for competitions that are for marching bands. Marching band competitions are a lot of fun and will keep the kids more active.

Supply the Kids With Matching Uniforms

If you want your students to feel proud and encouraged, ensure that they have matching band uniforms to wear. Uniforms can be purchased, or you can obtain them via donations. Try not to charge the kids' parents a fee for the uniforms, and keep the fees low if you intend to charge.

Hire a Professional Marching Band Arranger

Before joining a competition, you will need to put together a performance for the kids. Consider hiring a professional marching band arranger for the cause. He or she can compose music that is designed for the type of show you want the kids to put on. The music will be coordinated with the movement of the band members. A band arranger can give your band students a competitive edge in competitions.