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Three Types Of Guitar Amplifiers To Buy

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If you're shopping for a guitar for sale from your local music shop, you'll also need to select an amplifier to take home with you. While you might spend the bulk of your time considering the right guitar make and model to buy, you should also give careful consideration to the amp. Even though many amps can look similar, they can dramatically impact the tone that you get out of your instrument. Higher-value amps will generally give you a better sound, although many music shops have a wide selection of budget-friendly amps that will meet or exceed your expectations, too. Here are three types of guitar amplifiers to consider buying.

Solid State

Solid state guitar amplifiers are available from several manufacturers and at many different wattages, which means that you'll be able to find an amp from the brand you favor and at the wattage that suits you. Although there can certainly be exceptions to the rule, solid state amps are generally affordable. You'll often have the choice of something that is just a few watts of output, which is ideal for a small apartment, to something bigger for playing in a basement or garage. Solid state amps also have a high degree of reliability, so you're unlikely to encounter any issues with a solid state amp.


Many guitar players favor tube amps for several reasons. The use of the amp's one or more tubes in producing sound give this amplifier a warm tone, which can be suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Tube amps are generally a little pricier to buy than their solid state counterparts, which makes buying a tube amp a good idea. If you're thinking about investing in a tube amp, renting it and playing through it for a period of time will help you decide whether it's the right one for you.


A modeling amp is a lot of fun to play with. Modeling amps use digital technology to give you numerous amplifier settings — all in one tidy package. For example, one modeling amp may have five or 10 different amp styles that it can mimic. This means that you can find a modeling amp that gives you the sound on a high-quality amp that you might not yet be able to afford. Modeling amps are also commonly equipped with built-in effects, allowing you to alter the sound of your instrument without the use of effect pedals.