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4 Tips For Choosing Music With A Wedding Band

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Hiring a live band to play at your wedding is different from hiring a DJ in several ways. You not only have to prepare for breaks in the music and a stricter time slot, but you may also have to be more flexible with your choice of music. Below are some tips for choosing music with a live band. 

Give Musicians Plenty of Time to Learn New Songs

Most wedding bands will learn a particular song if you want it played at your wedding. However, you should keep this type of request to a minimum. Your first dance and the father daughter dance can be special requests, but other songs should be chosen from the band's current set list. Also, give plenty of time for the musicians to source sheet music and learn the song you want. Don't change your special song last minute. 

Hire the Style of Music Rather Than Individual Songs 

When hiring your band, hire them for the style of music they excel at. For example, do not hire a blues band and then ask them to accommodate your request for several country songs. While a DJ may be able to mix up styles, bands tend to excel at one or two styles. Expect that the majority of the music will be in the band's primary playing style. 

Trust the Musicians' Expertise When It Comes to Song Choice 

Wedding musicians are usually professional musicians with years of experience. They know how to create a powerful set list, how to get people dancing, and what songs are well received at weddings. If your musician suggests a certain approach or encourages you against certain songs, take their advice to heart. Ultimately, they want you to have a memorable, lovely wedding reception. 

Don't Be Afraid to Say What You Want

When talking with your musicians, don't be afraid to tell them what you want. This way they will be able to tell you whether it is possible and you will know what to expect during your reception. Also, by expressing your desires, you will learn if you need to switch bands when you still have enough time to book a second band. 

While you shouldn't change up too much at your actual wedding, you should feel free to stop and talk with the musicians to let them know if you need a certain type of song at a certain point in the reception. Contact a band, like ThrowBack Experience, for help.