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Why All Kids Should Take Piano Lessons

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When it comes to the variety of extracurricular activities you could get your child involved in, the options seem to be limitless. Some cost and arm and a leg, while others require strict time commitments that are tough to make good on. But there are some activities, such as playing the piano, that may provide your child with the outlet they need without any serious time or financial investments to commit to.

While it's ideal, you don't have to own the instrument or spend your weekends watching junior sports games when your child takes piano lessons. They can use the piano that their teacher has to offer, and spend their time practicing when it's convenient. Here are a few more benefits of letting your child participate in piano lessons:

They'll Be Able to Better Handle Stress

Believe it or not, something as simple in taking part in the act of making music can help reduce stress levels and make it easier for your child to deal with school, family life, and extracurricular activities – all of which can cause stress on some level.

Research shows that playing music turns off the stress response within the body, which more readily allows for the improvement of both physical and emotional health. The bottom line is that by taking piano lessons, your child should be able to more adequately deal with the stresses that life brings and lead a healthier, happier lifestyle overall.

They'll Strengthen Unique Muscle Groups

Another benefit your child should experience when taking piano lessons is the opportunity to strengthen their hand and wrist muscles. There are a large variety of piano exercises they'll engage in that will help strengthen each individual finger within the hand, as well as the overall hand and wrist muscles.

With enhanced hand strength, your child may end up having better handwriting, being able to perform labor tasks like painting more easily, and should have a leg up on the competition when playing sports games against other kids in school.

They'll Improve Their Motor Skills

Playing the piano can quickly help to improve your child's fine motor skills and to build those skills as time goes on. They'll build their hand-eye coordination, which means that they'll learn to effectively use their eyes to direct their attention while at the same time using their hands to complete a specific task.

You may even notice that your child's concentration, memory, and even their outlook on life. What's more is that kids who participate in playing music tend to get along better in school and face less disciplinary action that other students.

They'll Enjoy Their Downtime

Playing the piano is a lot of fun, and your child is sure to enjoy their free time practicing and making music between official lessons, playing with friends, and studying for school. They'll have something interesting to do when it's raining outside, and be able to get the attention they crave when playing holiday songs for friends and family.  Contact a studio, such as Las Vegas Pianos, to get started.